linking it all together

I wanted to include a couple of links here that I like a lot.

The first connects to an interactive applet students can use to model double digit multiplication with arrays. A VERY powerful visual model that connects to the algorithm in meaningful ways.

The next is a link to a resource I am using a lot in my conversations with teachers. It’s the new Van de Walle eBook series – Teaching Student Centered Mathematics. The books come in grade bands – K-3, 3-5 and 5-8, which is great, but the best part is the media supports within the book itself. There are interviews with the author, small group and classroom episodes (Canadian classrooms!!) and snippets of workshops given by Van de Walle across Canada in the last 18 months. You can try the on-line demo here.

A project I am LOVING right now is the Tinkerplots project being carried out in one of my schools. This is a collaborative project involving students from Richmond BC and students in Montreal QC. The software we are piloting is called Tinkerplots – Dynamic Data Management Software from Key Curriculum. It is thoughtfully created and entices students in grades 4-8 to think deeply about data – to make inferences and to see relationships between attributes of a data set.

Student samples and a video of the Apple iBook lab being used to explore data can be found on the school’s website. The movie is big and takes a long time to load… be patient!

Teachers can download an evaluation copy of the software… I’d highly recommend it…!


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