Happy weekend, Brighouse!

I know NONE of you are at home reading this right now, đŸ™‚ but nonetheless, I wanted to include some of the pieces I referenced today.

Here is the link to the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol (Common Curriculum) for Mathematics. Go to http://www.wncp.ca/ and click on MATHEMATICS on the left.

Here are the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics’ (the NCTM’s) Focal Points – the one page at a glance describing the important concepts for children to know, described by grade. This is a BRAND NEW document (less than a month old). Click here to see and download them:

This is a link to a page of games and applets designed to support kids in gaining conceptual understanding in mathematics through rich on-line tasks…. Click on the link below to open a new page.

mastering the facts

Please feel free to share this blog site with parents – and do check out the other posts… There’s LOTS here!


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  1. Hi Carole,
    Again, enjoyed the day. In conversation with my wife, she was quite intrigued by the film clip you showed. You said you might put the link on this site. I’ll check over the weekend.

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