For my VSB friends

OK, it’s long past supper when I promised I would have this post on-line, but I have been perched on the windowsill waiting and waiting for the snow… Alas, it may not come until after I am asleep.

So – rather than watch the sky any longer, here are the names of the books I featured (and did not speak to, for lack of time) today.

Picnic Farm by Christine Morton
The Very Kind Rich Lady and her 100 Dogs by Chinlun Lee
Actual Size by Steve Jenkins
Prehistoric Actual Size by Steve Jenkins
Quack and Count by Keith Baker
A Frog in the Bog by Karma Wilson
Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson
Counting Crocodiles by Judy Sierra

The teacher resource I would recommend is the Teaching Student Centered Mathematics, grades K-3 by John Van de Walle. It is a remarkable resource that outlines the big ideas behind the math we teach, and includes student tasks that are conceptually framed and open-ended, and structured in such a way that children in multi-aged classrooms can access the richness of them. It shows different ways to think about adding and subtracting as well as multiplication and division and goes into the reasoning for the changes in the way we are teaching these operations. I love it, and have great respect for the author’s work.

I know we began to talk about different ways to subtract today. If you scroll down in these posts you’ll find one entitled Chilliwack Foundations. In there is a link to some pdf files illustrating different ways to subtract featured in different countries around the world. Pretty neat stuff there – and likely something you’ve seen your students do spontaneously!


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