Langley Connections

Hello to the folks in Langley – what a day! My thanks to those of you who stuck with me for more than one session – thinking about the big math ideas and how to assess thinking as it happens….

Both my friends in Richmond and the gang in Langley had the chance to look through an assessment model and class recording sheet for Math Makes Sense (intermediate, in particular). I have attached it here – a description of the parts of the program that can give you assessment data (from the explores to the reflects to the show what you know features) and a way to record and then weigh them for reporting purposes.

Bear in mind they are just my ideas…. I’d love to hear how they work for people who want to try them out.

description1.png description2.png

Click here to download the description of the Math Makes Sense features and what they’re for: assessment-mms-intermediate.pdf


Click here for the classlist master for recording assessment data – colour coded to match the description, above… 🙂 class-list-assessment-mms.pdf


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  1. Hello Carole,
    I am the District Resource Teacher for SD 92 (Nisga’a).
    I love your site – so many useful references and resources.
    I have been working on my own blog for teacher use and have a question for you about your flickr badge plugin. I am wondering how you got your flickr badge onto your wordpress blog. It seems to me that my wordpress account will only let me insert html code if I pay for an upgrade to modify my theme page. Did you find a widget? Did you pay for the upgrade? Or did you find another way?
    In exchange for this valuable tidbit, I thought you might want to know about a site called if you don’t already know about it. There you can quickly creat a list of books in your professional library, with pictures of the covers, and then insert some html code into your sidebar to show random picks from it. That way it’s in your sidebar all the time, even after your posts are archived.
    The only way I have found to make this work for flickr and librarything is by having my tech department creating an editable version of my theme so that i can paste in the html.
    Anyhoo – any advice you can pass along would be much appreciated!
    Samantha Thom

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