Data Management in Coquitlam

Hello my friends… I thought I’d send you a few more resources as follow up to our session last Friday. Here goes. First – our conversation around sorting and data management included some different ways to represent data – graphing in different ways and the advantages to each type. I forgot to show some pictures and sample ideas drawn from the K-3 Van de Walle Resource and Math Makes Sense…

Here are some screen shots of a few neat ideas for making simple – and easy – graphs, and a visual representation of the human circle graph we made as adults from the book “Would You Rather”?” by John Birmingham. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Here is a lovely sample taken from a grade 1/2 class – they have designed their own survey questions, tallied up the responses, used unifix to build towers to represent the results (and photographed them), then created a bar graph to show the same thing. A great overlapping of representations! Click on the pictures to see them close up!

Here is a similar event at kindergarten – children were asked to spin a spinner and show what happened using cubes, pictures and words. They had fun working together to tell about their spinner experiments!
my work - dataworking together



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