Brighouse parents :)

Hello to all the Sea Island and Brighouse parents who attended the math night tonight! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you this evening – and to talk about what makes math more engaging – and more meaningful for our kids.

I wanted to share a couple of links that might appeal to you. First, for those of you looking to support your children in mastering the facts, here is a link to a page of materials and games designed for just this purpose. The Math Tool Kits are materials and games that are great for helping children make sense of the operations – and to visualize the relationships between 5 and 10, and between tens and ones. There are visual tools as well for helping children think about the more difficult multiplication facts…

I would also suggest that the Greg Tang Flash Cards are a wonderful investment for people who want to really make sense of the multiplication facts and the patterns that are there… I know I said “No more flash cards” tonight. These cards are different. They teach the strategies for making sense of the facts – they do not drill them… Each card includes a poem, a picture and numbers to show the fact. They are very appealing and accompany a book called “The Best of Times”, by Greg Tang too. I got them both through the Scholastic book club in January, but both are available from Greg Tang’s website


The National Llibrary of Virtual Manipulatives site is amazing. It is a treasure-trove of on-line applets (free applications) for thinking about mathematical ideas, using the kids of tools we used this evening – like geoboards for exploring area and pattern blocks for investigating pattern and are, etc. Invite your children to play with these little applets when doing their homework – or as a good task all on their own. Afetrwards, ask your child to tell you what he or she found out when exploring the materials – and what connections they were able to make.

Check out the “Blogroll” at the right to see some of my favourite links, including little videos on the Addem site for little children.

That’s it for tonight.

Thanks again… and enjoy.



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  1. Thank you very much Carole! I came to your blog right after the Math Night and now I am trying the math games for my kid. We are lucky to have you. Thanks again!

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