A few new links

Here are a couple of new links for you to explore…

The first is a game is called “Got It“. It’s like a reverse version of Nim – that is, the task is to take turns with the computer adding up to a target sum, but you can only choose 1, 2, 3, or 4. Challenging…
OK. Truth is I have yet to win. 😮

The “Got it” game is drawn from a GREAT site called nrich. The site is FULL of amazing applets and tasks for kids across the grades, all of which have been organized and tagged by keyword so the site is fully searchable. Way cool.

This next site presents a really neat visual illustration of the power of exponents. The images begin out in space and focus in on a point in powers of 10… harder to explain than it is to see and understand. truly.

have fun!

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