Things to share…

wow. I HAVE been remiss in keeping this site up to date. Sigh. Doesn’t pay to have an off-line life! šŸ™‚

So here is something I promised to share with the primary teachers in Cranbrook… It’s the pattern template for making dot plates with 2 colours. This file was created by Mignonne Wood and uses combinations drawn from the Van de Walle resource for K-3. Obviously the more complex combinations would be more appropriate for older kids, since some draw on more advanced strategies. Click on the link below to open a copy that you can save.

DotĀ Cards

Another piece I promised to post was a copy of the Conceptual Understanding pentagon – the “Give Me Five” strategy as I like to call it for supporting children in gaining conceptual understanding in math through multiple representations. Once again it’s a gem from John Van de Walle’s resource. (Have I mentioned how much I miss that man and his amazing mind?) šŸ˜¦ click below of the page…

Conceptual understandingĀ pentagon

I am developing an IEP and differentation guide for students who struggle in math – send me a note if you’re interested in hearing more, or in having me join in a conversation with resource teachers about it…

More soon!

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