Mission follow-up

Hello to all the gang in Mission! I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to work with you all this evening. The more I work with teachers and administrators around instructional change, the clearer I am in my purpose and the more convinced I am we will get there.

I have attached some examples drawn from the resource called Lenses On Learning Instructional Leadership in Mathematics for you to look at. If you remember, we talked this evening about different strategies for thinking about addition, and I wanted to share strategies that are more sensible for thinking about subtraction (which, of course, I don’t believe we ever REALLY have to do… but I digress.) The pages I have attached are drawn from reproducible documents from the Lenses on Learning Module 1 for K-8 Administrators. The book and video are published by Dale Seymour Publications and are available through Pearson Professional Learning here in Canada.

Click below to open the file that outlines 6 different ways to subtract – each one explained, with references to the countries of origin…





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