Those crazy multiplication facts!

Hello to all – and especially Sharon! 🙂

For any of you beginning to think about supporting your newly back to school child with mastering their multiplication facts, here are a few resources for you. First, a strategy for taking the fear and loathing out of the task, brought to you by John Van de Walle, called “Sort them as you do them“.


Ask your child to cut apart the multiplication fact cards, and then to sort them into 2 piles – one pile for those that are easy and can be done without thinking, and another pile for those that are harder.

Immediately your child will see that there ARE some facts they already know – and what a relief THAT is!

Then begin to look at the facts that are more challenging. Sort those cards into piles and see if there are any sets. Do you see the 3x there? Are there some 7x? Now you can begin to work on developing strategies for the facts that are harder – and targetting NOT 100 discrete facts, but only those that require attention.

For a really great summary of the strategies drawn from Van de Walle’s work, check out this blog page by Amanda Waye of Newfoundland… Nice to know there are other “math chicks” out there!

Oh -and a multiplication chart is a really helpful tool as well. You can have your child cross off the facts they know in the multiplication chart and see the patterns both in what disappears and in the relationships between them.



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