Math Makes Sense – Matching the New Curriculum

Here are some resources put together by the Vancouver Island Net group of educators – documents that outline how you might use the Math Makes Sense resources you currently have to match the new K-7 IRP. They begin with the outcomes and then list the lessons that match – which is not to say that you ahve to teach the whole year in a different order, but rather it provides a cross correlation to the existing resources. Take a look… Despite the amount of time it took to create these cross correlations, the Island Net group is making these documents available to educators around the province for free – they are truly a collaborative group of teacher leaders.

Note – these are best printed in colour. 🙂

The English At-A-Glance documents

(note there is no grade 4 or 7 MMS correlation, since these grades have been re-written to match the new BC IRP and are available now. Grades K and 1 are also available, but a correlation document exists here.)

grade 1 MMS with BC IRP
grade 2 MMS with BC IRP
grade 3 MMS with BC IRP
grade 5 MMS with BC IRP
grade 6 MMS with BC IRP

and the french resources…

French Kindergarten MMS with BC IRP
French grade 1 MMS with BC IRP
French grade 2 MMS with BC IRP
French grade 3 MMS with BC IRP


8 responses

  1. great resource! I was planning on doing this ….. et voilĂ ~ someone else has taken the time — bravo et merci!

  2. Thank-you ever so much for sharing your hard work!

  3. Gloria Gustafson | Reply

    This site is super and thank you for all you do for “Math “. Thank you so much for such important information.

  4. Thank you so much. I was just struggling to do this myself and thought perhaps it had already been done. I truly appreciate it! 🙂

  5. Hi Carole,
    I was at this past Friday’s Pro D day at Garden City. I must be blind!! I can’t find the link to the Math Tools Kit.. also can’t find the ten frame blackline master.

    If you could send me the link. Thank you!!

    Stella Santiago

  6. Thank you so much for these at a glance documents. Where might I find the new Gr. 4 MMS correlation ?

  7. This is such a fantastic resource Carole! Thanks for sharing it. We are looking for an english K comparison with MMS. Is there one available and if so how can we get it?

  8. Which version of MMS is this correlated to?

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