Thinking about 10-ness – Coquitlam follow-up

Hello to all the patient folks in Coquitlam. My apologies for the traffic disaster this afternoon. Sigh. My kingdom for a transporter machine!

As promised, I typed up a list of the games that we played this afternoon at the workshop, that involved ten-frames for developing a sense of number to ten. These ten frames are mentioned explicitly in our new K-7 Math curriculum for BC and are a remarkable tool for supporting children in truly understanding the notion of 10-ness in all its parts and wholes. (for intermediate folks, think tenths and the tool becomes even more interesting!)

So… start saving those egg cartons! 🙂

Click on the link below to download the games and tasks in PDF form, as well as a set of coloured ten frames you can use to practice with.

Ten frame games and tasks for building number sense

Oh – and I managed to find one new on-line game for finding pairs of numbers. I don’t think it’s the game you mentioned today, but it invites kids to find pairs of numbers that add to a target sum. My son tried it today and gave it a 4 out of 5…



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