Math Tool Kits and problems – en français!!

For those of you who have downloaded and used the Math Tool Kits and assorted games in the past for supporting your students (grades 1-6) in mastering the facts, here is a treat for our immersion teachers! My friend Fiona took the time to translate the games into French for use with her grade 1/2 students, and has graciously invited me to share them with folks out there in the wide world. 😀 Check out the games here:

math tool kit games in french

As well, Fiona has created some lovely open-ended problems across the strands for children in immersion. The pages feature geometry, number and data questions in French, many based on frames from Good Questions for Math Teaching, grades K-6, a book we’ve put into each of our elementary schools, along with the grades 5-8 companion. Check the problems out here:

open-ended problems in french
you rockUn grand merci à Fiona…

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  1. […] Math Tool Kits and games in French can be found […]

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