Integers, anyone? On-line experiences of negative numbers

Hello to the folks in the grade Math Makes Sense group! It was great to see you all yesterday. For those of you who weren’t able to attend, we talked a bit about the notion of integers and students’ experiences with modelling them on number lines. I described this particular applet to you, but thought it best if I sent it out for real… 🙂

Try the JUMPING NUMBER LINE. It asks students to arrive at a target number by “jumping” a certain distance in either a positive or negative direction… In this example I am aiming for the number 4. I have to use all four of the arrows. I must start at zero. Fortunately, I can reverse the direction of the bounce my clicking the direction button in the middle of the page…


This next applet uses green and blue bars to represent positive and negative integers. You create 2 bars of any length, then indicate by dragging dowon on a pull-down menu the operation that is happening between them. They are placed on a number line and you can choose to show the total or figure it out yourself. I liked this one… It’s simply called NUMBER LINE and require Flash Player to run… I had more success using Firefox with this one.

Here’s a screen shot of the game. I created 2 bars – one was -10, the other was +10. I chose the operation of subtraction, and asked that the answer be displayed…

screen shot



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