Applets for Intermediate Level Fractions

Hey there…
I wanted to pass along 2 new applets (ok, new to me) for modelling fractions – both on a number line and using an array model.

The first is a game, in which you have to select a fraction that is equal to or less than the fraction you’re given, with a goal of moving all your sliders over to the far side of the screen – in as few moves as possible. My best score was 12 moves… 🙂 Try out out by clicking hereHere’s a game board:
fraction game

The second applet asks you to create fractions equivalent to a given fraction on a number line. You have to slice a box into sections and then shade the correct number of sections in order to get the point to align on the number line. I like this one because there are lots of ways to do it… Check it out by clicking the link here!

A screen shot of the game…
numberline equivalent

By the way… I’m thinking that the rectangular array model is a far more powerful and visually meaninngful model than the “pie” model for representing fractions. Those pieces are so hard to slice, to draw and to compare that they seem more trouble than they’re worth. I get the whole pizza reference and all, but right now I am leaning towards square pizzas for the sake of conceptual understanding.



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