Different ways to subtract – Coquitlam follow-up

hello to my friends in Coquitlam…I wanted to share some things with you by way of follow up to last Friday’s workshop…  I know we experimented with a range of different strategies for subtraction, and we really didn’t have time to do them all justice.  I have attached some pieces drawn from the Teaching Student Centered Mathematics grades 3-5 book for you to look at, and hopefully it will help shed some light on the methods we played with.  click here to open a pdf of personal strategies for subtraction, explained 

The other thing that I wanted to share was a list of the big math ideas in elementary math – as outlined in our new IRP.  I’ve re-worded them to be more like enduring understandings than PLOs – and originally they were intended for parents, so feel free to share them.  The second page features questions to ask to get at the mathematical processes… let me know if they are helpful.  Download them at:  math for parents



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