Elluminate Session – Join in!

Hello all!  Welcome back to the new term!  
I hope everyone got some rest and some time with friends and family this holiday season…  Heaven knows we’ll all need it to keep up with our students!

I wanted to invite you to join me on-line for part one of a 2-part series of professional learning sessions devoted to promoting engagement – and deep learning – in the math classroom.  The session is being hosted by LearnNowBC and more specifically the Rural Schools Network of BC, as a follow-up to Faye Brownlie’s plenary at the Rural Schools Conference here in Richmond in October.  During the interactive session I’ll be connecting to Faye’s big ideas of the key elements of learning, namely connections, talk and engagement, and showing student samples from my work in the province.

 All are welcome to attend through the Elluminate Live service.  It allows you to text-chat, audio chat and use shared tools like a whiteboard to record your ideas and talk to others across BC. (pretty cool, huh?)  The session starts at 3:30 pm and runs to 5:00 pm on Monday, January 14th.  It’s a good idea to log in about 10 minutes early to get yourself configured and play around on the site.  There’s tech support that will help you before the session starts, too, so you can get a handle on the features.  Of course you are welcome to just sit and listen, but it’s always more fun to engage with the problems and ideas presented…  :o)

You can also view the archived sessions after the fact (along with those done by Lori Drussy on Talk in Language Arts, and the session hosted by Janice Novakowski – my colleague and friend – on Science and Inquiry) so if you can’t make the session, feel free to download it later!

Here’s the link to join the session.  

The site is open an hour beforehand.  
Hope to see you there!


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