New Curriculum in Maple Ridge

Hello to all the primary teachers who spent the day with me today.  Thank you all for opening yourselves to thinking about the operations in a new way, and to considering how having a range of strategies for finding the sum or difference will impact the students we work with and care for… I wanted to attach some materials for you – to make it easier to find what you came here for!  First, the Big Red Bus master can be downloaded by clicking here:  Big Red Bus

Spectrum is the place to go for the number balance and the magnetic counters. You’ll want to check out these personal strategies for subtraction, explained from Van de Walle and try some of the games from the Math Tool Kits (a great thing to send home with parents) to practice the basics and to promote the mathematical processes we discussed today.  

Once again, please remember that this pedagogical and content-based change is a journey and that we are embarking on it together, one small step at a time…Carole 

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  1. Isn’t it exciting watching kids build their own understanding and personal strategies for the basic facts… watching and especially listening to my students explain their thinking when they give the answer to a fact, and more importantly HOW they arrived at their answer, is always fascinating and I still continue to learn new strategies from my students after doing this for the past five years… way too cool… I also find that students are more engaged as they are all able to hook in where they are at and build on their prior knowledge… love the bus… makes me want to find “The Wheels on The Bus” and a decadie…

  2. Hi! I LOVE your blog. It has been so extremely helpful! I am from Regina Saskatchewan. Right now, I am looking for great centres for grade one to teach subtraction, and I happened upon this post. I just wanted to let you know to be careful of posting a page from the Van de Walle book on your website. This is why

    1. Wow Danielle!
      THANK YOU for the message and cautionary tale.
      I’ll take these images down soon. The fact that I am an author for Pearson might only get me off the hook briefly… :oP
      In the meantime, I wanted to let you know about the resource I have written to address mastery of the subtraction facts. Read a description here:


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