Number Balances!

Hello all! Carly in Maple Ridge asked about how to find those great number balances that I have been carting all over the province…They are available from Spectrum Educational at a cost of $31.45. Here’s a picture from their 2007 Mathematics catalogue. They can be found on page 61 – if you click here you’ll go directly to that page in the catalogue.


The magnetic wand and counters are from Spectrum too. Here’s a snapshot of page 28. Click here to go directly to that page on line.magnetic-counters.png

Oh – and you can get a great selection of dice from Spectrum as well. My favourites are the decadice with dot patterns on them. They help kids to see number in different ways, and to practice subitizing (seeing quantity without counting). If you get a good collection, these neat dice can make differentiating your lessons easy – simply by giving different children simpler or more complex dice to work with. They are on page 111 of the 2007 catalogue, found here in the on-line catalogue. Check these ones out:



Spectrum has a new catalogue out for 2008, if you’re looking for a hard copy in your school. It’s got three red dice on the cover… Call 1-800-668-0600 to order.



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