Hundreds chart puzzle pieces

snapshot of puzzleOK, OK. I know I am the only one thinking about math today, this, our first day of the March Break… BUT, I did want to share just one more thing today.It’s something Kate brought to our last workshop in Coquitlam, and I think it’s pretty cool. It’s a set of grids in a variety of shapes like this.  The idea is that you download and print or copy this sheet of hundreds chart puzzle pieces onto bond paper, laminate it, then cut out the little pieces. What you’ll end up with are a range of puzzle pieces to lay over top of a standard hundreds chart to block out some of the numbers. The job of the child then is to use an overhead pen (don’t they LOVE those?) to write down the missing digits – the ones that are covered.A great way to practice – and assess – understandings of the number system and patterns in the hundreds chart! Thanks Kate!Carole


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  1. Hey Carole,
    I’m at Lions Bay in W. Van, I heard you got to teach our awesome kids in the 1/2 class before the break, wow, how lucky for them!
    I’m in Westbank at my parents place and luckily got them online!!!
    Anyways, will be starting multiplication with our class after the break and wondered if you had any ‘nugget’ lessons that would enrich what I’ve already got:
    commutative property, looking at the hundreds chart and at what’s easy; doubles, 5’s, etc., problem solving questions and I remember some neat stuff from the last workshop re: multi. but need to look at my notes. Any other gems/ stories would be great. Hope your break was awesome,

  2. Do you have a template so that I may use this activity for number patterns for numbers up to 1000 following the hundred chart format

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