Counting Crocodiles… the make tens strategy

Good morning to my friends in Campbell River!

What a treat to see you again this week. I have absolutely LOVED our course this year, and I have learned a great deal from our work together.  How fun that we’ll be continuing in the fall!  🙂

I thought I would send the Counting Crocodiles materials (a fun book by Judy Sierra) that we used for our lesson on Thursday, along with some photos of the kids’ problem-solving strategies as they worked to figure out how many crocodiles were in the Sillabobble Sea…

showing the growing pattern in the story

Download and print the pocket chart cards and the crocodile pictures for use in your own classroom.  Be sure to do more than needed, so that the kids have to think!!  :o)

I had magnetized all the crocodile pictures thinking they might be used by children on a whiteboard, but maybe you could shrink them down and have kids use them as counters, even gluing them down onto their papers in ten-frame arrangements…


The fun in doing this task is in watching the children strategize and use the idea of the complement of ten (ten partners, like 2 and 8, 3 and 7, for example) to calculate how many crocodiles are in the Sillabobble Sea. As usual, the answer is really not as interesting as the ways the children manipulate the numbers and reason through to a solution…

using the pictures to find the answer






3 responses

  1. what was the lesson plan and game/activity that you used??

  2. HI Carol,

    i am trying to get a copy of the MATH LINK8 text book for my daughter. it has been recommended that she review the book over the summer, but the school cannot loan or sell me one until the end of august, which doesn’t help much. i contacted the local distributor and they to will not have any until co loser to September. do you know how i can get a copy of this.

    thanks so much! love your site!

  3. Great site with lots of useful ideas and resources. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be sure to try some out with my grade ones.

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