Jayden’s Rescue – A read-aloud novel for intermediate math

I have been meaning to mention this book here for a while… It’s called Jayden’s Rescue by Vladimir Tumanov, and it follows three friends on a quest to save princess Jayden who is being held captive by an evil wizard. The wizard throws out mathematical problems and puzzles to the three friends who must solve them in order to proceed along their journey. Each of the children shared their solution strategy – which makes it a perfect model for problem-solving at the intermediate level.

I have taken the problems from Jayden’s Rescue and retyped them so they can be shared with your students while you read the novel. If you use an overhead projector, they make an ideal text to do think alouds, marking up the text while you as teacher think through the math on the page.

The book is available through Scholastic…



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  1. Hello:

    I am very happy to see that you are using my problems in class. I would like to point a few typos in the problems that you have posted:

    Hairy-Scary puzzle should read:
    … it’s hard to find the time. [not “it is”]

    Mermaid puzzle should read:
    …Said the mermaid with a smile [not “a”]
    …nine times nine …… Gulp! Eighty-one! [add “s”]
    … Danny’s barque was barely holding [not “baroque”]

    Fish puzzle should read:
    … Arranged in sequence by their weight [not “arranging”]
    … Each one weighed thrice as much [not “weight”]
    … The peckish second smallest fish [not “puckish”]
    … Its flavor was sublime. [add “was”]

    Chair puzzle should read:
    … When you have seen the mist, my friends [add comma]

    I hope your class is enjoying solving the puzzles. May I add a link to your blog on my own web site?


    Vlad Tumanov

    P.S. Here you can see all the foreign translations of Jayden’s Rescue:

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