Building number sense through meaningful practice

To my friends in Campbell River…

Tonight we spoke about developing number sense in elementary – a series of tasks and games that can help children to make connections between important mathematical ideas.

When we foster number sense, we are looking at:
counting up and back
comparing and ordering
developing referents
developing ten-structured thinking

Each one is an important precursor to the operations – and can help students to fill in the gaps in their learning around quantities and the relationships between them.

So – as promised, here are the number sense games and tasks that we played or talked about tonight. They make up the purposeful practice aspect of a balanced numeracy program! Click on each link to download the instructions and/or line masters needed to play the games. Enjoy – and feel free to share with your friends! See you in November….

Number sense tasks and games:



2 responses

  1. Hello, we are doing singapore math in our school for the first time this year. I have been doing a lot with the tens frames and also the use of dice. I really enjoy and have found your website to be a wonderful resource. Where do you do your workshops? I would love to attend one.
    I am being observed on Wednesday and I wanted to do something with the tens frame model. Do you have any suggestions? I liked the number 3 ways five frame and also the number 3 ways. Do you make your own dice for these? Any suggestions would be wonderful. If you know of any other sights for printables such as yours I would love the resource. Thanks so very much. donna

  2. HI
    All I can say is WOW! Wow because this blog is so generous and wow because the ideas are spot on!!! As an educational consultant and a recently retired teacher [30+ years in primary] I love this blog…I am sharing it with lots of teachers ,,,thankyou so much

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