Games and tasks for building number sense in elementary

Hello all! 🙂

Here are some games that we have been playing lately to develop number sense. The first is called “Oh No! 20!”. It’s from Marilyn Burns, and works on fluency with addition and subtraction – but more importantly it’s a strategy game, so children (and adults) of all ages like it! Take a regular deck of cards and remove the 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. The goal is to force your partner to get to – or go over – 20 as a sum. The instructions for the game can be found by clicking on this link: oh-no-20 (there are 2 pages!). For the French version, click here.

Another game we have been playing is called “High Roller“. It’s a dice game for operational fluency that’s easy to adapt for different grade levels simply by changing the dice from a regular 6-sided one to one with 10 sides. The instructions are here: high-roller For the french version, click here!


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