Magnetic Tape

Doesn’t SOUND like a math post, does it?  Except that I have shown this stuff off at so many workshops lately and feel compelled to share what this extremely useful tape looks like….

I have been buying Modern Craft Magnetic Tape on a tape dispenser at my local dollar store (Richmond, BC).  I stick it onto the back of all sorts of printed images (penguins, lips, red and yellow apples…) to model children’s solutions to open-ended math problems.  When a child tells me that there were 13 apples in a bag, and that 6 of them were yellow and 7 were red, I like to be able to model that solution so we can “check it” as a class.  Using magnetic tape on the back of a simple image (clip art is magic…) allows children to move the pictures and re-create their thinking on the white board in front of their peers in a representation all can understand – and see – from the back of the room!


3 responses

  1. What is the name of the loonie store where you buy the magnectic tape

  2. To teachers in Campbell River, I found this magnetic tape at Super Value of all places. It was in their dollar section at the front of the store. At that time, there were only 3 and of course I bought them, but keep checking! You never know what you will find in there 🙂

    1. Andrea Barratt | Reply

      Both Richmond Dollars stores are sold out. Has anyone found the tape in other Dollar Stores or locations in the lower mainland (Burnaby, North Van, Coquitlam???) Thanks!

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