Place Value Materials

Hello all…

I wanted to post the cards for creating nested 3-digit numbers – tents of paper that show, for example, how 357 is the same as 300 and 50 and 7…  Print the files below onto bond and cut them out, then fold them into tent shapes.  They’re a great resource for supporting children in understanding larger numbers – and REALLY making sense of the digits.  Clicking on each of the files below will give you enough cards for a class set – so check before you print then all!




wood cards - partitioning


Also, for Laura – some on-line games I thought you’d enjoy around developing place value understandings…  Have fun!

100 Hunt

Give the dog a bone


The Add 9 Fairy


5 responses

  1. Now I am serious Carole Saundry groupie!

    Thanks tons for the games! I’m off to do ten frame bus rides this morning..woo hoo!

  2. Hi Carole,

    I am checking out your place value tents and I am not sure how to use the tents to help children understand the value of a two to three digit number. Is there any place on your site I could see the instructions to the game?


    1. Hey Amber!
      The idea with the place value tents is to fold them in half and to nest one under the other. That is, use the 30 and the 4 tent, tucking the 30 tent UNDER the 4 tent to show the digits 34. Then, you see, when you pull the digits apart, the 30 is exposed under the 4. It’s a really cool visual.
      When I use them with kids, I normally use them to scaffold experiences around the operations, labelling sets of ten frames before adding them, for example. So if we were going to add 75 and 32, then I would build these numerals with the tens (30+2 and 70+5), build the sets to match using ten frames, then show how we can combine just the tens (30 and 70) and then the ones (2 and 5) to find the sum of 100 and 7 more. Using the ten frames in combination with the tents makes this a really powerful experience and marries the numerals, the sets (in ten frames) and the mental math strategy called “add tens, add ones” in one motion.
      Hope this makes sense!!

      1. I can’t figure out how to make the tent!!

  3. Hey Vicki.
    Sorry you’re having trouble.

    The numeral (5, 50, 500, etc) is on the bottom half of the tent.
    The fold line is just above the numeral.
    The blank side goes to the back.


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