Mental Math Strategies

Hello to the gang at Beaver Creek – the first school with whom I have worked to have chosen Mental Math as an instructional focus for their school goal… wow!  You rock!  :o)

huh dogI have attached a fleshed out list of  mental math strategies for you.  As mentioned, they would be great to put on the wall with an illustration of each one…  Remember that think alouds will certainly help – as you model for the children, they will hear the language they need to describe their mental math strategies!

All the best,



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  1. Hi Carole,
    it’s Sandy, gr. 1, Gleneagles! Hope your summer is going great!
    Since you need to pay for Rainforestmaths now, I’m looking for great websites like it for my son. He’s 5, and really comfy with gr. 2-3 ish math. He loved the levels on Rainforestmaths and all the topics. What would you recommend?
    We’re very excited to have you for our ‘meet the creature’ in Sept.

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