Kindergarten Math Materials

Hello to my K teaching friends in Kelowna!  I wanted to post some Kindergarten-relevant materials here, just for you…  All in one place and easy to find, as a follow up to our 2 days together.

Here goes:

Here is the line master for the book Five Black Dots:  (play around on your photocopier to have them come out right, back to back…!)

Five Black Dots

Here is the line master for the Roll It game (to practice one less than ideas… a precursor to subtraction).


Here’s a book list of number sense related Math and literature connections for K and K/ rock

Early Primary Number sense booklist

Here are a set of tasks and centres for K and K/1 classrooms – line masters, instructions, etc – and the Big Math Ideas to match!

big red bus

Take a Handful

spinners to 5

Take a Handful graphing grid

spinner to 2 & 5 frame

Odds and evens copy

Number 3 Ways

Number 3 Ways-five frame

Missing twos copy

Missing numbers2 copy

K_1 centres and BMIs




3 responses

  1. Thank YOU!!!
    (I’m mad at myself for not checking back sooner – I’m one of Tom’s LTT students and he keeps us pretty busy!).
    Fantastic information! 🙂

  2. Hi Carole,
    I have changed grades and am now back teaching Kindergarten and loving it! I found the site for your math materials for kindergarten but would love explanations for how the materials are used. Thanks,

  3. Fantastic! Thank you!!

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