Intermediate on-line math games

OK, OK – I’d hate for you to feel left out!

For my colleagues who teach Intermediate Math, there are a ton of on-line resources to support you and your students.

Here are some of my new favourites:

Make 15 – You play against the computer, alternating you choice of numbers to create a set with a total of 15.  There’s GOT to be a way to win!

Math Search – You solve the equations (most with order of operations rules included) and then FIND the answer in a maze of digits.  It’s timed.  It make me a bit panicky playing, but I kinda like it.  :o)

Seesaw LogicSeesaw logic – oooo – I like this one.  For this game your task is to identify the heaviest object from a set on a number balance. It starts out easy and then you have to reason your way to a solution.  There are no weights or numbers indicated for the balances – just relative weights for the objects.  Neat!

Have fun!  Carole

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