Printable Games for Grade 3 Number sense

One more thing to share this evening for the gang in Whitehorse!

froggyAs promised, I wanted to post the games for practicing number sense and operations as connected to our Grade 3 math curriculum.  There are many more tasks where these came from – and they are available for students as young as 3 years of age – so do explore on your own if you have time.  Consider the range of learners in classrooms and how we could support them in coming to real conceptual understanding by using games as the medium!!

Download the Grade 3 Number sense package here.

Then try exploring the BEAM Maths of the Month site for more tasks!




4 responses

  1. Hi Carole
    As I near my 4 years of teacher training, I find it relieving to know that you have this blog for me to refer to in the future. Your ideas and resources help me plan for future units and math centers that I would love to use in my own class one day. Your presentation in Whitehorse was motivational for me and I love the blog….especially the part about using Pokeman! I might learn to play the game yet….

    Love your energy 😉 kari

  2. Hi Carole, ‘I teach grade 3 and am very interested in how you use Pokempn to teach Math. My son (grade 2) and many of my students are hooked on Pokemon. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    P.S. I used your math toolkits idea It is such a wonderful way to have essential materials ready in an instant. The students (and I) love using them.

    1. Hey Carlos!
      Thanks for the email!
      I use Pokemon as the context for a ton of different things since, as you say, kids love them! :o)

      I tell my students that I have a store where I sell Pokemon cards/stickers. I explain that they have a dollar to spend and can buy whatever they want. They go crazy matching prices and combining them to get amounts less than 100¢! Then I tell them that in order to buy the cards they have to fill out an “order form” with a description of what they want, how many and the total cost, as well as how much change they will get from a dollar. All that, of course, is the culmination of several lessons in which we add up to find the dfference, use ten frames to join amounts, think tens and use doubles to total sets of numbers using mental math strategies…

      The Grades 2 and 3 curricula are FULL of outcomes that introduce and apply mental math strategies, so I simply use the Pokemon as the engaging context. The larger numbers that are available for download are to get the grade 3’s thinking at their level – I have them play me in a game of Pokemon, where I have 1000 points and they must add up their scores (each one is attached to one of the characters) and do what they can to get as close to 1000 without going over… Great fun and lots of flexible strategies used!


      PS – The Math ToolKits are a real hit on this blog. The most popular post ever… :o)

  3. Hi Carole,
    Do you have any materials (games, lessons ) for teaching adding,subtracting with and without regrouping? I teach gr. 2 and 3. Love your site.

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