Pythagoras was here… a cool interactive applet…

Check this out!Pythagorus

My tech-savvy husband Tom put me onto a great free and open-source application called GeoNext.  It is powerful and intuitive software for creating and demonstrating geometric principles and properties.  The link below takes you to a site that makes use of the software for demonstration purposes, but also poses a range of problems for students to explore while using GeoNext.  The problems are in French, but the software can be downloaded and used for free by anyone.

Take a look at this really neat visual representation of Pythagorean theorem…  Try moving point C…. This demonstration makes the theorem VERY visually clear.

GeoNext demonstration of Pythagorus

OK, so if you want to watch some You Tube demos of Pythagorus, check these out!

The Math Lady solves a simple right angled triangle problem, and explains step-by-step how to do it…

and a bonus video on Pythagorus  – a ladder problem explained



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  1. Tom showed me that one too! Its very cool and I’m looking forward to making use of it during the circle geometry unit for math 9!

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