The big math ideas – grade 2/3

huh dogHello to my friends in Coquitlam!  Here are the slides you were looking for, outlining the Big Math Ideas for grade 2/3 math – or at least for the first part of the year!  Remember that in teaching in the way (considering the enduing understandings) it is far easier to stay sane as a combined grades teacher!  🙂  If we find the commonalities and focus on them, we can teach to the whole class, rather than splitting them up!  Phew!  I feel saner already!

Here are some supports for you:

First, the document from the Island Net Group – the At-a-Glance form that looks at combined grades and how the PLOs connect across side-by-side grade levels.

Grade 2 and 3 PLOs at-a-a-glance

The big ideas in Patterning and Number Concepts for Grades 2&3

Ordering information for Pearson’s Math Makes Sense Combined Grades resources, which take a day-by-day approach to planning, connecting lessons at side-by-side grades using the new WNCP versions of the Math Makes Sense program.  These documents exist for every grade combination from 1/2 to 7/8, with some available immediately and others coming December, 2009.




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  1. Hi Carole. Your site is sooo useful, thank you! Do you have the enduring ideas for units 3 and beyond? Could you please post them if you do? Thank you!

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