On-line applets for Grade 9 Algebraic Thinking


2x squared plus 7x plus 4

2x squared plus 7x plus 4

Hello to all those exploring the new Grade 9 Math curriculum!  The new prescribed learning outcomes for this curriculum are very clear – students need to model and solve linear equations in various forms, and apply the operations to polynomial expressions concretely, pictorially and abstractly.


So – sounds like we’ll need some tools to do this justice, right?

Here are some of my new favourite on-line applets for exploring these big ideas in the curriculum.

First, the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, which is a treasure trove of materials.  They can be used on a Smartboard or on a laptop projected onto a screen in your classroom.  You can even suggest students use these free materials to support them with their homework and access the links at home!

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives – materials across the grades and across the strands

Algebra Tiles – for modeling and solving equations.  This includes the Guiding Tiles tray, and a “y” tile for later explorations.

Algebra Balance Scales – for positive integers

Negative Algebra Balance Scales – for negative integers

Virtual Pattern Blocks – for increasing patterns, for tessellations, for exploring operations with fractions

Rectangle Multiplication – using an area model to look at multiplication

Area model for multiplying integers – based on the 4 quadrants on the Cartesian plane

Hope these are helpful…


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