Play and wonderment in Kindergarten Math

Hello to the fantastic folks from Coquitlam and Mission!  As promised, I am posting select slides from yesterday’s ever-so-hot session at the Early Learner’s conference.  I hope you all sat sipping tall cool drinks today!  It was great fun to spend a brief hour with you to begin the conversation around building play-based mathematical situations in kindergarten.  I hope the attached slides, outlining Salma Wasserman’s Play-Debrief-Replay sequence as it related to math is helpful.  We cannot underestimate the power of the questions we ask…

excerpt of play in k math session

Happy summer!


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  1. Hi Carole!
    I really enjoyed your workshop and plan to come to the 3 sessions in Nov. and Feb. I was just at IKEA looking for the rats (mice). I found them, but then found smaller moose and bears that are $.79. I got those thinking they are ‘Canadian’. The moose are orange and the bears are white.

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