Grade 10 Math Games – Polymonials

Hello to my hard-working Grade 10 colleagues!

Please click here for the set of easy to prepare games for practicing expansion and factoring of polynomial expressions.  My favourite is the Connect 4 game…  Instructions are included for each, with the exception of the I have… Who has…? game.

To play  have… Who has…? cut the game pieces into strips, so that each card reads “I have…” and “Who has…?”.  Distribute BOTH FULL SHEETS worth of cards to your students (handing out less than the fill set will cause problems!!).  Most students will have more than one card to begin the game.  Choose one student to start.  The should read the “I have” side of their card (ex: “I have x2 + 3x +2”) and then ask the question to the right of their statement (ex: “Who has (x-2)(x-3)?).  The other students listen, multiplying the binomial factors that were just read aloud and respond only if they have the matching polynomial expression (in this case, x2 -5x +6).  The game continues until all the cards have been read aloud (that is, until play returns to the first person!).

Challenge your students to run through the cards as a class as quickly as they can…



algebra connect factoring

factoring polynomials game


i have, you have factoring game

Race to zero – polynomials challenge


7 responses

  1. great ideas to make practice more enjoyable for the older students! I can see the connection to I have who has at the earlier grades.

  2. Ann-Marie Hunter | Reply

    Great group of games! One thing, though. The race to zero game should probably say subtract your score for the first round from 200, and in subsequent rounds, continue to subtract your score until you get to zero. It says add your score and even shows that in the explanation! Thanks for sharing your ideas. Games are such an awesome way to encourage learning!

  3. Hello there! I’m a teacher from Malaysia and I stumbled unto your website. They are such great ideas! Thank you very much!

  4. Awesome! I am trying the I have, who has today in class! Thank you!


  6. awesome

  7. HADJE A. CABILLAN | Reply

    thank you, i like your game

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