Grade 10 tasks – Polynomials

Hello Coquitlam-ites…

Thanks for spending the day!  I have attached the set of tasks related to polynomials and linear functions for you here.

The websites to mine for more information are:

MATHALICIOUS – open-ended, contextual and engaging digital problems with pdf handouts and thoughtful connections.

MATH INTERACTIVES SITE – This site features short videos to contextualize concepts from grades 6 through 9/10 in the WNCP curriculum. Each video has an interactive task for online explorations and a pdf practice sheet for student use. The main page includes all the strands and topics.  This page makes links to how a DJ might use linear relations in his work…

DAN MEYER’S BLOG – Looks specifically for anything with the letters WCYDWT, which stand for “What can you do with this?”.  Each of the WCYDWT tasks are digital, language free or language reduced, meaningful and contextual…

THE OFFICE BOUNCING SQUARE VIDEO – This is on Dan Meyer’s blog, but directly linked here…

BRIGHTSTORM MATH – A wealth of video tutorials on every subject in the secondary math curriculum…  Great for distance ed students, for support for those who need another shot of content, or for students and resource teachers.

FREE NOTEBOOK SOFTWARE – so you can use Smartboard files like the ones included in your Pearson Teacher’s Guide to demonstrate concepts and move step-by-step through every lesson in the student text…

Hope these are helpful!



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