Hallowe’en Math Games

OK, OK, Kim…  Here you go!

It’s about time I did a post for my primary colleagues!  Here are some seasonal games for your primary classrooms.


The first is called Ghost Blasters II. You play against a partner, working on finding sums of a number you choose.  I picked 20 as my target number, but your students can play with any sum up to 50.  This makes it a good game for Grades 1 through 4! One player clicks the Z key when they see 2 ghosts that sum to the target, while the other play types an M to score.


Have young students try the game called Ghost Blasters – Operation Even.  Students click on even numbered ghosts and score points as they do.  But be careful – if you’re not thinking and click on an odd numbered ghost, you’ll lose 10 points!!


For this last game, called Ghost Blasters I, students pick a “counting by” number to focus on – anything from 2 to 10.  This becomes the multiple of the “unfriendly ghosts”, which you click on to evaporate!  This is a challenging game – play it first to be sure that your students will be able to click in time…


And for a great couple of Hallowe’en math books, consider Pumpkin Town by Katie McKay – there’s lots to estimate, count and figure out in this book about a true bumper crop of pumpkins!  It’s published by Scholastic and is available in French under the name Citrouilleville

Consider also How many Seeds in A Pumpkin by Margaret McNamara.  The characters explore many ways to can count seeds – in 2’s and 5’s and 10’s – and there’s an interesting surprise at the end!  maybe even an algebraic exploration should anyone want to pursue it!




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  1. soooo much fun! thanks

  2. Thanks for the terrific article

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