Click Clack Moo resources!

Hello!  Everyone has a favourite book to read in their primary classroom.  Click Clack Moo, Cows Who Type is one that shows up in many of them!  And, if so many people have the book, what better context could there be for fun, open-ended and challenging math tasks!

The file attached includes a series of math tasks that I put together to match the story – and the images – in this book.  Best of all, it is available in French as Click, Clack, Meuh!

Click Clack Moo tasks sm




The cards attached here are for the game called “Get to 50!” described in the Click Clack file…

get to 50 cards – easy complements




2 responses

  1. Hi Carole, just did all the activities you provided after reading the book to my gr. 1/2 class and they worked beautifully!! Thanks for all the work you do in providing others with awesome lessons!

  2. Constance Harrington | Reply

    I’m just starting to use real problem based mathematics with my Kindergarten students and the Click Clack Moo activities are going to be some of the first I try. Thank you so much! I’ll let you know how they respond. 😉

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