The cost of the 12 days of Christmas…

Hello all!

As we head into the holiday season, I thought I would post a link to a really fun site – The Christmas Price Index!  It outlines the cost associated with each of the items mentioned in the “Twelve Days Of Christmas” song in an interactive way.  Students travel through different locations, finding 6 geese a-laying and 5 golden rings, collecting each of the gifts. Inflationary trends in the cost of these items is also mentioned by the narrator, and the total cost is tallied at the end – that is, the total cost for JUST the 12th day… Students will have to use the information given to figure out the total cost for the 12th and 11th and 10th and 9th days – and so on!  :o) Older students might investigate the increased costs in percentage, while younger students can simply add up all the gifts given on any particular day – the mathematical fun is endless!  Additional instructional ideas for teachers are outlined on the main page.

Have a merry holiday!


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