The What Do They Know Assessment for Grades 1& 2

Hello to my colleagues and friends…

Last spring, Sandra Ball (Surrey School District) and I crafted an assessment and instructional resource for kindergarten and K/1 classrooms.  Focussed on subitizing, partitioning and patterning, this tool is designed to be administered in the fall and again in the spring of the year.  Teachers work with the whole class or with small groups when performing the assessment.   The tasks are drawn from story contexts to make them connected and authentic.  Kids have fun showing what they know and can do!  Hence the name – The “What Do They Know” Assessment.  :o)

THIS spring, Sandra and I put together the companion resource for grade 1 and 2 classrooms. Again, we focus on subitizing and partitioning, but now we extend notions of patterning to include skip counting.

Best of all, an instructional component accompanies both the K/1 and Grades 1/2 resources, to help guide your teaching between assessments!

Sandra and I would like to invite you to download and use these assessments with your students this fall.  They can be found by going to my online store ( and click on the FREE DOWNLOADS icon.

Have an amazing year! Enjoy every minute.

Carole (and Sandra!)

To learn more about the K/1 resource, its design and intent, please click here to read an article from the September 2011 edition of the BC Association of Mathematics Teachers’ journal, Vector.

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