Magic Squares – Online

Here’s a fun little game for primary classrooms… The Magic Squares game provides students with a total for each row and column, as well as a few key starting numbers.  Use the magic wand to place the correct digits from the set of numbers at the bottom of the screen.  Double click to grab and then place the correct numerals in the grid.

Each game sets a different total for the rows and columns, so students can choose a number that makes sense for them before beginning.

The challenge of finding a sum for 3 addends is a good one for late grade 1 (when the digits without images to accompany them make sense) through grades 3.

Have fun!


6 responses

  1. Can’t start the game

  2. Can’t open it either.

  3. Hm. Sorry you’re having trouble. Seems strange. When I click on the link in the text of the blog post, the game opens right away.

  4. This is great! I can’t wait to have the kids try! Thanks

  5. the link seems to go to a different site now.
    here is the link that seems to work for the Magic Squares game:

    1. and this one no longer works, do you have some other?

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