Teaching Addition and Subtraction in Grades 1&2

Sums & DifferencesHello and happy August!

I have been busy writing this summer – putting together a volume devoted to teaching the operations in primary. And so, I am pleased to announce the publication of my latest teacher resource: Sums and Differences: Teaching Addition and Subtraction in Grades 1&2.

This resource includes a series of lesson sequences – open tasks, games, written practice, word problems and assessment support – for teaching the operations in a developmentally appropriate way. Beginning with place value explorations, these lessons increase in complexity while providing support for students across the grades.  The lessons make explicit connections between concrete, pictorial and abstract representations of the math to ensure the operations are truly mastered.

The content in the book covers the grade 1 and 2 curricula and presents them in such a way that teachers of combined grades can use the lessons to work with their classes as a whole.

To order a copy online, click here.

All the best!



4 responses

  1. Hi Carole,
    Could the lessons be used in a K/1 class?

    1. Good morning, Kelly!

      The lessons in the book address the addition and subtraction of larger numbers with sums to 100. You’d be better off with the K/1 combined grades resource called “Number Sense” that’s available in the sidebar. It’s a better match for the K/1 experience… :o)

      1. Great, thank you! I do have the k/1 one already, and I love it. I was just looking over it again and I realized that you include lessons for all the k/1 learning outcomes – perfect. I will be sure to use it a lot this year!

  2. […] PS – The companion resource for grades 1&2 is also available for purchase. Read about it by clicking here. […]

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