Number Tile Puzzles — Primary and Intermediate

Hello all!number tile puzzles primarysample number tile puzzle

I wanted to share some fun puzzle templates with you — one set for primary classrooms and another for intermediate. Both require the same reasoning skills: students must use a complete set of 0 to 9 tiles and place them on each of the blank spaces provided. Some of the forms are more complex than others, and will require students to not only know their facts but also to reason through the logic of placing the tiles in the correct position.

While students work, wander the classroom and ask them how they are making decisions about the placement of the number tiles. Students’ rationale may surprise you!

Some of my colleagues have suggested different ways to make the tiles:

  • by cutting up vinyl placements into 1′ by 1″ squares and using Sharpie to record the numerals
  • by writing directly onto colour tiles with a Sharpie
  • by using this handy line master copied onto construction or bond paper

Or, for a fast and reasonably inexpensive solution, you can buy the tiles in a tub of 175 from or from Spectrum Educational. Both will cost about $15 for a class set.

The primary puzzles (addition) are also referenced in the Daily Math Investigations file.

The intermediate puzzles (multiplication) are referenced in the Multiplicative Thinking resource.

I hope you enjoy them! I know your students will!


PS — If you purchased a first edition copy of the Multiplicative Thinking book, these puzzles replace those included in the resource. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for these helps!

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