Good Questions for Kindergarten & Grade 1

Good Questions for K&1

Lessons and Open-ended Tasks for Building Number Sense: A New Resource by Carole Fullerton

Good questions engage students in important mathematics. They inspire and propel students in their learning, offering an entry point for all. What better response could there be for our delightfully diverse early primary classrooms?

This new combined grades resource is built around good questions, drawn from each of the strands in the Kindergarten and Grade 1 curricula. Lessons feature sorting and patterning, shape and measurement and number sense (subitizing, counting, estimating and the operations) in an accessible format for teachers of early primary.

At the end of each set of lesson sequences, a collection of more than 200 open-ended tasks is presented to allow for building, exploration, practice and extension, meeting the needs of all learners.

Have fun! Get inspired! Keep them thinking!

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  1. I tried to open your new store and it wouldn’t open. I want to order Good Questions. Thanks

    1. Try:

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