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The game of remainders

Hello all! I wanted to post the instructions for one of my favourite hands-on division games, called The Game of Remainders. Each pair of students needs 15 counters, 6 small paper plates and a die, as well as a piece of paper and a pencil.  The instructions can be downloaded by clicking on this link: game […]

A fun and thought-full division game…

Hello all. I thought it was time to post another game for those of you who are looking to support your intermediate students. This is another classic game from BEAM. It’s called the Game of Remainders — but don’t be fooled! It’s about far more than simple division. There are connections to be made to […]

Bean Thirteen – A great book for introducing division!

One of my all time favourite stories for introducing division is “Bean Thirteen” by Matthew McElligott.  He is a mathematically clever author whose stories play with important concepts in accessible ways.  “Bean Thirteen” is a story about 2 crickets who gather beans to eat, but find that, no matter how they share them, or with […]