Daily Math Investigations

Daily Math Investigations

Daily Math Investigations

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  1. This is a great resource! I have wondered why I do calendar day after day when so few students are actively involved. I can’t wait to engage the students with your activites.
    I teach K/1 and was wondering how many cuisenaire rods and pentominoes to order for the activities?

  2. Hey John!

    I have to admit my aversion to calendar too. It seemed I was the only one DOING anything during my calendar time – and how sad to have wasted that rich learning opportunity first thing in the morning by having everyone sit still to just, well, listen!! :oP I am hopeful the tasks in the book will help inspire something more active in terms of learning.

    So… Materials.

    I’s suggest if you’re going to put out sets of Cuisenaire rods for the kids to use as entry tasks, you’ll need at least 4-6 sets of rods (72 per set) for a group of 4-6 kids at a time. Be sure to get the WOODEN Cuisenaire and not the plastic ones. The plastic ones are terrible. They feel awful, the dye colours are wonky and worst of all, they are often marked with lines and/or have little knobs on the tops to allow them to snap together like giant Unifix cubes. Anyone who has taught primary knows that the little darlings just LOVE to snap Unifix cubes together…. which is great if you’re measuring with all the same unit, but the intent here is to compare lengths, and with the plastic snap-together materials somehow the math gets lost.

    I’d buy 4-6 sets of pentominoes as well. This will allow for a station of pentominoes to be set up to allow 4-6 kids to play at a time.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Carole
    I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction of real life pictures for my K’s to use while they are building with the cuisenaire rods?
    Thank you

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