Financial Literacy in Primary

Cover Financial LitWelcome!

To download the resource for K-3, click here:


5 responses

  1. In your book Sums & Differences (Gr. 1/2) you mention that you have downloadable Canadian Money in the shape of ten frames. Where can I find them?

    1. I saw that Carole has a “I Have, Who Has” game for place value using Canadian money on her site. See here:

    2. I am also looking for the downloadable money. Could you direct me as to where I may find it?

      1. Hello Kelli

        If you email me I’ll help you with that.
        mindfull (dot) consulting (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Carole and Sandra,
    I cannot thank you enough for the rich materials and ideas you are sharing. I’m the numeracy teacher in a French immersion school from K-6 and will be implementing your wonderful rich tasks ideas with the students. They are easily transferable in French with a minimum need to translate. Once again thank you very much.
    Isabelle Bujold

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