WDTK for Grades 1 & 1/2

Welcome!To download the files for grades 1&2, click here:





4 responses

  1. Karen Crockett-Nicholls | Reply

    Hi I can open the books but I also can not open the other two assessment files.

    1. Hey Karen

      Sorry you’re having trouble.
      If you’d like to send me an email at mindfull.consulting@gmail.com I’ll send the files as attachments in my reply. That might work better.

  2. Hi Carole:
    I was able to open everything but I noticed that in the story Too many frogs that some of the words are not there. Are these actual books that can be purchased or are they files only? I am adding to my Math book library and could look into getting them. Do you have a recommended book list for Grade 1/2 age?

  3. Melissa Beaulieu | Reply

    Hi Carole, I’m a grade one teacher just on the outskirts of Winnipeg. I’m part of the french school division and wondering if you’re going to be giving any seminars in the next year concerning number sense? Also a member of my family was there with you in Brandon last year and she said that you have some ressources that were translated in french. Is this true and is there any way that I could ask you for a copy? Thank you very much!

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