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Fair Shares – Teaching Division in Grades 4-7

Fair Shares - Division ResourceHello, all…

I am pleased to announce the publication of my latest teacher resource book called Fair Shares – Teaching Division in Grades 4-7. The book features tasks, games and problems for intermediate aged students focussed on making sense of division.

Through stories, models, pictures and words, students are introduced to the idea of division as sharing and division as grouping.  Lessons include opportunities for talk, for exploration and for practice in the form of games and engaging tasks across the grades.  The lesson sequences are designed to address division of whole numbers and decimal numbers, to make meaningful connections to fractions and decimals in context and to support students in seeing patterns in quotients.  Lessons map out how to use manipulatives to model division situations, and literature connections to introduce great division contexts. Match to the WNCP curriculum, Fair Shares – Teaching Division in Grades 4-7 outlines a range of assessment tools to allow teachers to gather evidence – quickly and without stress on the part of the students – to show what their learners know and can do.

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Bean Thirteen – A great book for introducing division!

One of my all time favourite stories for introducing division is “Bean Thirteen” by Matthew McElligott.  He is a mathematically clever author whose stories play with important concepts in accessible ways.  “Bean Thirteen” is a story about 2 crickets who gather beans to eat, but find that, no matter how they share them, or with how many friends, there is always one left over! The story makes an excellent read aloud, and the pictures are worth sharing with students of all ages.  I ask that learners copy the pictures on key pages, then record what a mathematician would write for that particular image.  It inspires interesting conversations about doubles, groups of and division with remainders…

The next post contains some of the key images from the book so you can project them for your students to view and discuss.

Don’t forget to play “The Game of Remainders” as follow up!  Rules can be found by clicking here:




PS – For another, more advanced look at division and sharing, consider “The Lion’s Share”, also by Matthew McElligott.  In it, creatures share a single cake into increasingly small fractional pieces…  Smart – and visually appealing for kids looking to truly understand multiplication by fractions!