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I have, Who Has… The Place Value Game

Hello all!

I almost forgot to post this super fun game called “I have, Who Has…” This particular version allows students to think about place value in tens and ones using money and ten frames. To play the game, hand one (or more) cards to your students for them to read over and practice.  It’s important that all the cards be distributed or the game won’t work!!  :o)

Then, choose one student to begin by reading aloud both the “I have” side of their card, (“I have 3 tens and 5 ones.” or “I have 35.“) and then have them ask their “Who has…?” question:  (“Who has one ten and six ones?”).  The person with 16 on the left hand side of their card responds: “I have 16” and asks their question in turn.


If students are careful, the entire class will have a chance to read from their card and ask a question – and the game ends with the person who first read from their card.  This is a great game since it links language, pictures, money and place value to make sense of tens and ones.  I hope you enjoy it!


I have, who has place value grade 1&2